Guide to Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring and Its Meaning

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is one of the most iconic engagement rings of our time. It is a three-stone ring with a large cushion-cut center diamond flanked by two smaller round-cut diamonds. The center diamond is from Botswana, where Harry and Meghan spent time together early in their relationship. The two smaller diamonds are from Princess Diana’s personal collection.

The ring was designed by Prince Harry and made by Cleave and Company, the Queen’s jeweler. It is made of yellow gold, which is Meghan’s favorite metal. The ring is estimated to be worth around $350,000.

The ring has a number of special meanings for Harry and Meghan. The three stones represent their past, present, and future together. The cushion-cut center diamond is a symbol of their love and commitment to each other. The two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection represent their connection to Harry’s mother and her legacy.

The ring is also a symbol of Harry and Meghan’s shared values. They are both passionate about sustainability and ethics. The fact that Harry chose to use a lab-grown diamond in Meghan’s ring is a reflection of their commitment to these values.

Meghan’s engagement ring has been praised for its unique …

Engagement Ring Settings for Marquise Cut Diamonds

Engagement rings with a marquise cut diamond is a beautiful and unique diamond shape that is perfect for engagement rings. Marquise cut diamonds are elongated and have pointed ends, which gives them a glamorous and sophisticated look.

There are many different engagement ring settings that can be used with marquise cut diamonds. Some of the most popular settings include:

Solitaire: A solitaire setting is a classic and elegant setting that showcases the beauty of the marquise cut diamond. In a solitaire setting, the marquise cut diamond is typically set on a simple band of metal, such as gold or platinum.

Three-stone: A three-stone setting is another popular setting for marquise cut diamonds. In a three-stone setting, the marquise cut diamond is flanked by two smaller diamonds, such as round cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds.

Halo: A halo setting is a setting that features a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the marquise cut diamond. Halo settings can add extra sparkle and brilliance to the engagement ring.

Side stone: A side stone setting is a setting that features smaller diamonds on the sides of the marquise cut diamond. Side stone settings can add extra glamour and sophistication to the engagement ring.…

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Guide

Engagement rings Asscher cut engagement rings are a unique and elegant choice for couples who are looking for something different. Asscher cut diamonds are square shaped with deep, stepped facets. This gives them a unique sparkle and brilliance that is different from other diamond cuts.

Asscher cut engagement rings are also known for their durability. The square shape of the diamond makes it less likely to chip or crack than other shapes, such as round or oval diamonds.

If you are considering an Asscher cut engagement ring, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Clarity: Asscher cut diamonds tend to show inclusions more than other shapes. This is because of the deep, stepped facets. If you are concerned about clarity, choose an Asscher cut diamond with a clarity grade of VS2 or higher.

Color: Asscher cut diamonds can be found in a variety of colors, from colorless to yellow. If you are looking for a bright, white diamond, choose an Asscher cut diamond with a color grade of D or E.

Cut: Asscher cut diamonds should be cut to a very high standard in order to achieve their maximum brilliance. Look for an Asscher cut diamond with a …

Innovative and Unique Ideas for Second Wedding/Anniversary Bands: Embracing Moissanite Rings

Second weddings or anniversary celebrations mark special milestones in a couple’s journey, and choosing a unique and meaningful band to commemorate these occasions can be a beautiful gesture. Moissanite rings offer a stunning and distinctive choice, presenting a variety of innovative ideas for these significant moments.

1. Stackable Bands

Consider stackable Moissanite rings to symbolize the layers of your relationship. These bands, worn together on the same finger, represent different chapters or elements of your journey, allowing for a personalized and evolving display.

2. Eternity Bands

Eternity bands with Moissanite stones encircling the entire ring symbolize endless love and commitment. Opt for various stone shapes or patterns to create a distinctive and captivating design, signifying the eternal nature of your relationship.

3. Mixed Metal Contrasts

Combining different metals, such as platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold, in one ring creates a striking contrast and visual interest. Mixing metals with Moissanite stones adds depth and character to the band, symbolizing the fusion of two individuals into a harmonious union.

4. Personalized Engravings

Engrave the band with significant dates, initials, or meaningful messages to create a personalized and sentimental touch. These engravings add an intimate layer of symbolism to Moissanite rings, encapsulating …