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Of all of the countless “my digicam is healthier than yours” cellphone releases, this one certainly has the least relevance of any of them? And of all of the tales, footage of uniformly brown rocks and sand on Mars have to be a few of the most unrewarding pictures even taken, considering the trouble and expense required to get them. You’re right Photograpy News that medium format cameras are a bit out of my main stream of ideas. Although with a telephoto lens they might be used for wildlife. Certainly plenty of different interesting things didn’t fit into my selection. Combine your love of photography with a trip to Africa and the expertise of a lifetime as a half of a…

  • Not actually, just the Canon R cameras group on Facebook with 68k members and been going for four years based mostly in California with actual individuals, real names and actual cameras.
  • We even have a separate submit about inventory images tendencies you can check out.
  • This photo is so fresh that the fish sticking out of the kingfisher’s beak is certainly nonetheless in the belly of one of the chicks it was meant for.
  • The photographer perceives the essential qualities of the topic and interprets it in accordance with his or her judgment, style, and involvement.